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Positive Vibes Only…

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Happy Quotes

Hope these quotes makes you happy and uplifted with your joyful life.

1. Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.
— Marilyn Monroe

2. Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.
— Beyoncé

3. The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy. It’s all that matters.
— Audrey Hepburn

4. The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are.
— Goldie Hawn

5. If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.
— Roald Dahl

6. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.
— David Lee Roth

7. The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.
— Henry Ward Beecher

8. Shine your light on love and truth and your soul will glow.
— Anthony D. Williams

9. No one can take away our inner glow. Nothing is more beautiful than a kind heart!
— Jyoti Patel

10. Believing in your own worth radiates enough inner light to make you glow.
— Richelle E. Goodrich

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Powerful Affirmations – June 28, 2021

My morning just blessed to read these affirmation. These are giving me such positive vibes.

  1. I’m proud of myself, I bring positive energy and by being myself I bring happiness to others.
  2. No success is too small to celebrate, and I revel in the tiny wins today.
  3. I’m going to live my life at my own pace, I don’t need to try to compete with anyone else.
  4. I have the knowledge and ability to achieve everything I want.
  5. I embrace getting out of my comfort zone to explore all the future has to offer.
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Mom’s Favorite Collected Quotes – Part 1

So…My mom loves to keep notes of her favorite quotes & I love to read those sometimes just randomly and so I thought why don’t I put these here & let other people know about those.. Enjoy!

  1. Human is such a creature that can’t be believed or disbelieved. If you believe, you will be deceived but if you don’t believe, you have to lose.
  2. The answer could be given to any words but he who doesn’t give importance to the relationships, how will he realize the importance of words!
  3. There is nothing to be proud of being talented because Devil is also talented. Without humanity and honesty, the talent is hated.
  4. An honest person can pick himself up for seven times from danger, but when a dishonest person is in danger for just one time, he is totally destroyed.
  5. A blade is very sharp but you can’t cut tree with blade and like that An axe is very strong but you can’t cut hair with an axe. So every object is important in its own field of work as well as every human being has incomparable talent so don’t ever go for measuring yourself with others. Evaluate your qualifications and experience of ownself.
  6. Never cry for a person who has never give you any respect of your emotions, feelings and beliefs.
  7. You don’t have to answer everything, sometimes you have to be silent to save respect. Not in all battles you have to go forward, sometimes you have to go back to win. And just like that you don’t have to grasp all the relationships all the time, sometimes you have to stay away from each other ‘time to time’ to save the relationship.
  8. When I came to the end of the road, I saw that there were many accounts left, all the things I had done all my life were useless.
  9. The other’s wife or other’s husband can never be yours. Running after all this will turn into rubble for your  family and own life.
  10. Animals and birds are able to understand human love but unfortunately human beings do not understand human love, so they neglect it.
  11. People are not equal to everyone. Some thinks love is just for fun. Some thinks love is just time pass. But on the other hand there’s always some few who proves with life that ‘Love is not fun’
  12. If you stumbling over and over again in life, change the path, not the dream. Because even a tree changes its leaves, not the place.
  13. A little carelessness and a few bad behavior is enough to break a good relationship.
  14. Grievance don’t have to put locked-in. Either you forgive or you move away.  And I didn’t come on this earth with that majestic kind of forgiveness, so I just move away silently, unconditionally.
  15. Love is a kind of a dream which need to be fulfilled by two people but for breaking, one is enough.
  16. If love diminished with time, it was never love, it was just some feeling of wanting something in time.
  17. Not during the relationship, but after breaking up, you will come to realization who needed whom and how much!
  18. There will be many people laughing with you but there won’t be many who might suffer when they hear your cries.
  19. If you can’t love someone just tell them but don’t let them dream on.
  20. No one can be forced into a relationship, whoever stays will stay and whomever leaves will leave.
  21. There can be nothing more beautiful than the moment when the two of them start talking openly again just after the quarrel.
  22. If you can’t respect him/her after the relationship is over, you’ve never even loved him/her.
  23. Love never ends, what ends is the need.
  24. When love comes into someone’s life, it comes in silence and when it leaves someone’s life, it makes a sound to the sound of crying.
  25. Relationships are like an electrical connection that will shock you for the rest of your life if it goes wrong and will fill your life with light if it goes right.
  26. Distance is nothing if the core of the relationship is right.
  27. Tears come from the heart, not from the brain.
  28. 4 tbsp. Ego, 1 tbsp. Ignore and Pour a little doubt and stir and delicious breakup recipe is made.
  29. They will miss you only when they fail to put someone else in your place.
  30. When a girl loves someone she loves them with all her might, but she never thinks about what will happen to her if that man leaves her. If that thought would appear then maybe there would be no love story in the world.

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Weirdest Compliments Someone Received

Sudden compliment always gives me creeps… But sometimes it can be really funny too.. What do u think?
  1. I had pink eye and a nurse was looking into my non-infected eye and said, ‘You have beautiful retinas!’ Thank you, I think?
  2. When I was 15, I was working the McDonalds drive through and some guy told me he thinks my braces looks nice on me. He was a regular and when my braces came off he was like “aww bummer” it was the strangest compliment I’ve ever received.
  3. A group of drunk girls in a bar gave me a hug because I smelled yummy and wanted to smell yummy too.
  4. A friend once said that I’m ‘like a piece of furniture’ because I ‘don’t do much, but people notice when you’re not there.
  5. You have the chin of a politician.
  6. The piercer who pierced my ears told me my ears were ‘perfect’ and to call her if anyone said otherwise, because she would fight them for me.
  7. Girls pet me and say my hair is soft, it gets weird after the fifth girl joins in…
  8. A teacher in high school told me SEVERAL times that I had ‘a perfectly shaped head.
  9. Her: “You have a nice eye” Me: “Do you mean eyes?” Her: “No”
  10. My 4-year-old son told me that I ‘smelled like music.’ When I asked what kind of music I smell like, he said, ‘Music you dance to!’ It’s still the best compliment I’ve received to date!
  11. A random stranger while I was on a run screamed out, ‘NICE NECK!’ I’m not saying I believe in vampires, but I made sure my windows were all locked that night…
  12. “What I like the most about you is your mustache, don’t shave it.” I’m a women and was 36…
  13. Someone once told me I keep my apartment “serial killer clean”.
  14. I work retail and was told this by a customer, ‘you’re so nice, you must have been bullied in high-school.
  15. Your voice is smooth and pleasant, like lube.