The Box (2009)

I was just roaming on YouTube and I saw a title named “6 mind blowing films you have to see before die” something like that so I picked this movie as I like both the actors so I instantly download that and started to see. This is a drama genre movie and there’s always something mysterious about drama movies which makes the movie so thrilling. Well this is actually some kind of mind blowing movie and most importantly I like this movie. And I think if you see too maybe your mind will be blown too.


Happily Finished Watching…

So I was checking the server for stranger things season 2 yesterday like everyday and I saw it had been uploaded so I downloaded all 9 episode ASAP and started to see at 7:30 pm and without break I finished that around 2:45 am so I am pretty sure you get the idea 😀 season 2 is more thrilling than season 1 and I couldn’t stop watching until the end and like season 1 end scene doesn’t end actually Argh that’s what I most hate about drama now I have to wait for the next season. Well I was wrong about something I thought they are gonna be the original Ghostbuster 1984 movie’s little version but I forgot that the plot time started at November 1983 and season 2 plot time is October 1984 and the original Ghostbuster movie was released June 1984, these kids were just having their Halloween. Lastly I can only say now I am more mad about the season 3.



Death Note (2006) vs Netflix Death Note (2017)

I saw the 2017 one first because its Netflix movie. 2017 Death Note is not bad although IMDB rating is 4.6/10 but for me is 5.3/10 so not bad and 2006 original Death Note’s IMDB rating is 7.9/10 but for me 7.2/10 so I think the original is much more good. Why original get this much but Netflix couldn’t and of course there’s some reason. First 2017 one is just too much fast to understand and some things were not described properly and 2006 one is much more understandable what is the main purpose, why everything is happening. 2006 one has the great twist on its own, where you will be blown by that but 2017 one’s twist became so much predictable. what I don’t like about 2017 one was the actors got too much carried away but what’s the reason but I must say Ryuk is the only best thing of 2017. After seeing the 2017 one I was wondering why not original story is not matched with the movie then I thought why not see the original 2006 one. Well Last I should both are good but this supposed to be a Mystery movie so for that 2006 Death Note is best.


Voice from the Stone (2017)

After I saw this movie I questioned myself why I wanted to see this movie? The answer was well Emilia Clarke is here and I saw her movie Me Before You so I didn’t think twice before downloading this movie. But this is the worst movie of 2017 so far I’ve seen although the IMDB rating is 5.2/10 which is not bad but for me the rating is 3.1/10 but its sad that other actors acting was good accept Emilia because she was literally over reacting all the time which she do at Game Of Thrones all the time. Then lastly I understand why Me Before You was so good because that was Sam Claflin’s movie Duh!


The Blind Side (2009)

I Love this movie so much and I am glad I saw this movie. I always love the movie which are related to true events because that gives the real life flavor. And this is the story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family. what’s best about this movie is you can know that the world is a better place and you just have to take the steps no matter if you are the first one and you have to believe in yourself. Michael Oher’s (Quinton Aaron) acting is so sentimental, I’m sure if you are too much kind hearted you may cry but don’t worry you will laugh too. Actually I downloaded this movie because of Sandra Bullock who is my favorite comedy actress but I had no idea she did this awesome movie. Well for me this is 9.7/10 movie. So I suggest you to see this movie today. Oh and I forget to say my favorite line..
Michael: It’s nice, I never had one before.
Leigh Anne: What, a room to yourself?
Michael: A bed.
Michael: Sorry, Coach. I stopped when I heard the whistle
Coach Cotton: Where were you takin’ him?
Michael: The bus. It was time for him to go home. 😀


Ghor by Mohit Kamal

I just started reading this book 2 days ago but I stopped. Its not that I don’t like book I just hate family drama and the book is about this. And why I hate family drama in the book; because you’ve always got the happy ending with some sad romantic twist. Argh how much I hate this fake romanticism. No I am not suggesting this is a bad book I think you may like this book.


Stranger Things Season 2

I can not wait to see the season 2. Argh I am losing my patience, the Trailer is so good full of thrilling experience and I strongly believe they are going to refer this drama to 1984 Bill Murray’s movie Ghostbusters!!! If you have no idea what I am talking about you should see the Stranger Things Season 1 and you should know its Netflix drama. One can say that I am still a child but what can I say I still see the cartoon so I guess U get the idea.

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Landline (2017)

Landline 2017

I just finished this movie. This 2017 movie is a comedy and drama movie and Imdb rating is 6.4/10. The plot is: In 1995 the Jacobs family is a tight-knit Italian-Jewish family. Parents Pat and Alan have a marriage that seems to be struggling because of Pat’s disinterest in her husband. Eldest daughter Dana is in a long-term relationship with her fiancé Ben that has hit a rut. Youngest child Ali is still in high school and more interested in going to raves and getting high than applying to colleges.
Returning from a rave one night and trying to do her homework Ali unlocks a file containing her father’s love-notes to a mysterious woman named “C”.
I like this movie and you will too, its worthwhile.


Today’s Raining

Its been raining all day at Dhaka from yesterday. People are stuck at home and I think its good, so now people can communicate with their families as you all know now-a-days all are so busy with their own business they have no time to talk to their families. So I guess rain brings the advantage. And as for me I am stuck with headache LOL.