The Box (2009)

I was just roaming on YouTube and I saw a title named "6 mind blowing films you have to see before die" something like that so I picked this movie as I like both the actors so I instantly download that and started to see. This is a drama genre movie and there's always something… Continue reading The Box (2009)


Happily Finished Watching…

So I was checking the server for stranger things season 2 yesterday like everyday and I saw it had been uploaded so I downloaded all 9 episode ASAP and started to see at 7:30 pm and without break I finished that around 2:45 am so I am pretty sure you get the idea 😀 season… Continue reading Happily Finished Watching…

Comedy, Drama, Movies, Review

Landline (2017)

I just finished this movie. This 2017 movie is a comedy and drama movie and Imdb rating is 6.4/10. The plot is: In 1995 the Jacobs family is a tight-knit Italian-Jewish family. Parents Pat and Alan have a marriage that seems to be struggling because of Pat's disinterest in her husband. Eldest daughter Dana is… Continue reading Landline (2017)