Happily Finished Watching…

So I was checking the server for stranger things season 2 yesterday like everyday and I saw it had been uploaded so I downloaded all 9 episode ASAP and started to see at 7:30 pm and without break I finished that around 2:45 am so I am pretty sure you get the idea 😀 season 2 is more thrilling than season 1 and I couldn’t stop watching until the end and like season 1 end scene doesn’t end actually Argh that’s what I most hate about drama now I have to wait for the next season. Well I was wrong about something I thought they are gonna be the original Ghostbuster 1984 movie’s little version but I forgot that the plot time started at November 1983 and season 2 plot time is October 1984 and the original Ghostbuster movie was released June 1984, these kids were just having their Halloween. Lastly I can only say now I am more mad about the season 3.


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