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Tumi Amay Eto Valobasho By Imran Oyshee – Lyrics

Tumi amay eto valobasho se kotha age to bujini ||
Tumi amr kase keno asho ami tar mane to khuji ni
Mone rekhe mon jani na je kokhon tomari preme porechi

ooo Golper moto kore sopner hat dhore ekla moner ghore eshecho chupi share
Sarata jibon ami tomakey valo beshe jabo
Tumi amay eto valobasho se kotha age to bujini…ooooooo

ooo Bedhe maya dore proti ti rat dhore vashao shukher ghore amake bare bare
Sarata jibon ami tomakey valo beshe jabo

Tumi amay eto valobasho se kotha age to bujini ||
Tumi amr kase keno asho ami tar mane to khuji ni
Mone rekhe mon jani na je kokhon tomari preme porechi

তুমি আমায় এত ভালবাস – ইমরান ঐশী

তুমি আমায় এত ভালবাস সে কথা আগে তো বুঝি নি ।।
তুমি আমার কাছে কেন আস আমি তার মানে তো খুজি নি
মনে রেখে মন জানি না যে কখন তোমারি প্রেমে পড়েছি

ওওও গল্পের মত করে সপ্নের হাত ধরে একলা মনের ঘরে এসেছ চুপিসারে
সারাটা জীবন আমি তোমাকেই ভাল বেসে যাব
তুমি আমায় এত ভালবাস সে কথা আগে তো বুঝি নি ওওওওওওওওওওওও

ওওও বেধে মায়া ডোরে প্রতিটি রাত ধরে ভাসাও সুখের ঘরে আমাকে বারে বারে
সারাটা জীবন আমি তোমাকেই ভাল বেসে যাব

তুমি আমায় এত ভালবাস সে কথা আগে তো বুঝি নি ।।
তুমি আমার কাছে কেন আস আমি তার মানে তো খুজি নি
মনে রেখে মন জানি না যে কখন তোমারি প্রেমে পড়েছি

-I couldn’t find one so I made one 😀

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The Interview (2014)

I actually thought this is some true events based on movie, I mean their acting so good and mostly the actor who plays Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) is so real just look like same to same LOL.
So, the movie has to be good what I was thinking when I was downloading because this is James Franco and with Seth Rogen so you get the idea right full-on-comedy. Movie’s story is strong like you won’t get bored and you will laugh whatever happens. There was a act about when Seth Rogen was fighting a guy and he ate his two fingers and in returns Seth Rogen also ate that man’s finger and there’s another act about when James Franco was interviewing Randal Park and Randal Park farted and whole north korean people was shocked because they thought their leader is GOD and he didn’t need to poo, I mean seriously LOL.

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Confidence level – 0%

If you are having gpa under 3.00 then you’ve got a serious problem.

Problem 1: Your parents are gonna be crazy and they will be freaking out all the time and all they can think of how you are not capable of doing anything, you messed up everything, you are never gonna get any job because all job requirements are having only 3.00 up gpa so you are out of everything basically.

problem 2: Other family members are gonna hate you (as always for me) and they are always talking about how your parents are unable to teach you a good lesson because having gpa under 3.00 means you are total garbage and Oh! I forgot to say if you are girl you have more advantage all they talk about how the girl is so old and so when’s the marriage? And one more thing they are secretly having some parties because you basically a garbage just because you are having gpa under 3.00.

Problem 3: The society are having their blast because you are not having any job but their daughter/son having an amazing job and an amazing husband/wife and so amazing life.

Yes, This is all my problem and there’s more but they are also related to these. I don’t know if you faced same problem or is it just me? I mean I don’t know. All I know is my confidence level is now 0% because I now don’t believe in anything at all and I thought everything is tough like out of hand reach. Since childhood all I want from my parents is “Appreciation” whatever the world say but all they say that you could have been done better. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents more than anything in the whole world and there’s no limitation but I have just one regret I couldn’t make them proud ever and I don’t know if I can ever.

Parents always love their child but I think the surroundings manipulate them having the bad thought about their child.

I really don’t know how can I get my confidence or if I can get any solution for these problems or not but I will try my best to make my parents proud. I am really feeling hopeless all the time I mean it’s like all that negative energy, the danger is getting me from four sides.

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Login-Registration using PDO

Well I was trying to do Registration, Login and Logout in PHP but I actually forgot so I was scared because using mysqli is easy but using pdo is quite hard at least for me. And when I feel hopeless I just sleep that’s what I did last night I was upset my login was not working but in this morning I solve the problm…YAY!! Ok I know its simple and normal but I am really glad I’ve done that Registration-Login-Logout because now I can work with pdo I guess.

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The Bucket List (2007)


I laughed and I cried at the same time.

Life is too short to think what could happen next right?

I mean this is the only life we get and we always waste this life thinking about others but never think what’s our own wish. This movie shows that life’s meaning I guess and I loved this. So, the two legends (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) are in the same movie and so you can understand this is the movie that you have to see before you die and I promise you will get inspiration for your life. The story is so simple – A mechanic Carter and billionaire hospital magnate Edward meet for the first time in the hospital after both have been diagnosed with cancer with too little time to live. They become friends as they undergo their respective treatments and they made a bucket list about what they want to do before their life ends. The movie was like so peaceful for mind, no exaggeration at all and only the main thing.

And when the movie ends it was so good like it was meant to be like this, like I was there I could feel the cold of Himalayas. I suggest you see this movie today right now if you haven’t see this yet, I mean I was late so don’t you be late.

My favorite moment:
[Carter hands Edward an article about Kopi Luwak, Edward’s favorite coffee]
Carter Chambers: Read it.
Edward Cole: [reading] Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. Though for some, it falls under the category of “too good to be true.” In the Sumatran village, where the beans are grown, lives a breed of wild tree cat. These cats eat the beans, digest them and then… defecate.
Edward Cole: The villagers then collect and process the stools. It is the combination of the beans and the gastric juices of the tree cat that give Kopi Luwac…
[Carter starts laughing]
Edward Cole: …its unique flavor… and aroma. You’re shitting me!
Carter Chambers: [laughing] Cats beat me to it!
[Carter and Edward both laugh hysterically]

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Jungle (2017)

I am a fan of harry potter (Daniel Radcliffe) so I had to see this new movie of his but the sad truth is Daniel was only good as harry potter. The trailer was actually good so I thought this would be 9/10 for me but it was kind of 6.5/10, not so good.
I mean some contents are literally so good and I was really surprised to know that its a true story; I mean wow but I think Yossi character could have been much better if there’s another tall actor I guess I mean actually I realized that when I saw original Yossi. Some acting was like too perfect to believe. Daniel is supposed to be Israeli so English supposed to be kind of accent but some time he just forget to do accent and talk in pure English. There’s this one part where he saw his backpack and he got it from the river where the flow of water was too strong to even stand and he was drowning but surprisingly water was so clam for some time weird right and why Marcus got too much close to Karl and why didn’t anyone got any suspicion about Karl and when did Kevin got so close to Yossi that they were like best friend, I mean I had too many questions after seeing this movie.


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Feeling Nostalgic :-D

Listening to my favorite song (Tumi Eshechile Porshu Kal Keno Ashoni) of all time. Aah that’s making me nostalgic, when I was a little girl and I always wanted to be a queen of someone who would love me like Nayeem who always loves his girl Shabnaz so much. They are actually real life power couple of our country whom people always look up. And why I like this song there’s one more reason and that is I had a huge crush on Nayeem ^_^ literally.

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Ingrid Goes West (2017)

You will think twice for sharing anything on social media after seeing this movie. I mean this is the dark truth about social media now-a-days. Life gets so plastic type, people only gets love who have millions of follower in social media.

And that’s what the movie is about, an instagram obsessed girl ingrid who want to be famous and want to be friend with a famous girl who have the perfect life. I mean I was thinking actually this is the real life now people want to be friend with famous and want to get the perfect life but they forget the one thing that nobody’s perfect and humans are all about doing mistake.

The comedy part about when Aubrey Plaza stalks Elizabeth Olsen and that’s so serious I mean the acting of Aubrey Plaza looks so real to me. I think you should see this movie because that would give the real life vibe I guess.