Confidence level – 0%

If you are having gpa under 3.00 then you’ve got a serious problem.

Problem 1: Your parents are gonna be crazy and they will be freaking out all the time and all they can think of how you are not capable of doing anything, you messed up everything, you are never gonna get any job because all job requirements are having only 3.00 up gpa so you are out of everything basically.

problem 2: Other family members are gonna hate you (as always for me) and they are always talking about how your parents are unable to teach you a good lesson because having gpa under 3.00 means you are total garbage and Oh! I forgot to say if you are girl you have more advantage all they talk about how the girl is so old and so when’s the marriage? And one more thing they are secretly having some parties because you basically a garbage just because you are having gpa under 3.00.

Problem 3: The society are having their blast because you are not having any job but their daughter/son having an amazing job and an amazing husband/wife and so amazing life.

Yes, This is all my problem and there’s more but they are also related to these. I don’t know if you faced same problem or is it just me? I mean I don’t know. All I know is my confidence level is now 0% because I now don’t believe in anything at all and I thought everything is tough like out of hand reach. Since childhood all I want from my parents is “Appreciation” whatever the world say but all they say that you could have been done better. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents more than anything in the whole world and there’s no limitation but I have just one regret I couldn’t make them proud ever and I don’t know if I can ever.

Parents always love their child but I think the surroundings manipulate them having the bad thought about their child.

I really don’t know how can I get my confidence or if I can get any solution for these problems or not but I will try my best to make my parents proud. I am really feeling hopeless all the time I mean it’s like all that negative energy, the danger is getting me from four sides.

One thought on “Confidence level – 0%

  1. I read this a a week after you posted it, so by now your confidence level surely is up again and you don’t need my help,
    but I want to tell you that it is really obvious that you have thousands of reasons to be confident.
    1. more than 1000 subscribers – one reason already for each.
    As a comparison – I only have 70 or so – hahaha.
    2. You are cheeky and cute – you liked a German article of mine without even being able to read German, but you accomplished your goal, and I came over.
    2. Something many will tell you: You are very pretty, so the marriage thing won’t be an issue at all for you – the only issue will be if you are ready, but since you are young it is totally ok to take your time
    3. You look very sensitive, also being pisces, and by your description are a very sensual person, so your future husband will be very happy for life with you!
    4. You are multi-talented – programming, writing, reading much, know many movies – your site is great, I will follow many of your advices, because I also love to watch movies.
    5. Whenever you are down like in your post again – just read your own self-motivation-lesson as a reminder that you actually have it all.
    6. you are very open hearted, sharing without fear.
    7. With your great personality you will get a good job – definitely. Just make sure it’s the right one and don’t rush into the next best only because of pressure.

    I could go on and on but I want to tell you that the trick to confidence is a good center and because you spread so much love to the world you might be endangered to neglect yourself. So I do recommend for you – especially if this is difficult – to meditate daily.
    Since you are a muslim I don’t know what kind of meditations you have – look for a mystical one, not just an orthodox prayers, because it is also about self-development.
    Since you need to work daily on yourself, your weakness of sometimes falling into a hole of the soul can become your great advantage, because you could grow spiritually tremendously – especially since you have a sense for the more subtle realities – some of which you can not even express yet properly. This is a special bliss for the entire family if the mother is radiating spiritual serenity, so if you now start to slowly work on yourself you may be a spiritually mature person by the time you start a family.

    If you ever have questions about it, ask me here or at my contact form, because a meditation-yoga I do currently does change my life and I am more than happy to share that with everyone.

    Tons of love for you – your sweetness made my day ❤

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