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Human Rights in Cyber Space

Human rights are the rights to life and liberty, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education and everyone is entitled to these rights without discrimination.
Now what is cyberspace? Cyberspace is a space (a virtual world) where people interact with each other through internet like email, facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and many more, people share their information, swap ideas or play games or conduct business.
Security concept: Lock on digital screenSo, why cyberspace is important? Well in this modern era we are all living our virtual life more than or real life, we can’t think our life without the internet. We can now know what is happening in the whole world within seconds and we can interact with our dear one who is far away without any problem and we can share about what’s happening with our life. So the internet is like an extensive platform for individuals to exercise the right to freedom of expression and information. But before people have to wait for the newspaper for the world’s information but now you don’t need paper you can know any information through the internet and where before people have to wait months to interact with their dear one’s through letters but now you can just email or message them and connect, just one click. Actually life is become like that you are just one click away from the internet.
Ok so, the internet have so many advantages but with the fast development of internets day by day we are getting more disadvantages than advantages which is raising more and more questions about our human rights in cyberspace.
What actually is the disadvantage of cyberspace? We human are always take care about our privacy and security, that is always our main concern but when we use the internet we all forget about our this main thing, we give our all information to internet and that’s when the bad people knows the key to the door of your life and they can harm your life anytime without even you knowing.
For example: we all use facebook/twitter/instagram or some other social media networks right and we love to share our thoughts like what we are doing and where we are going what we are eating what’s the new experience or what we like or not like so basically all of our private information is known by everyone and if some bad guy want to use this information for some bad purpose than what will happen? Have you ever thought that? Now you can say “I am human and I have complete right to do anything I want and if something bad happens than where’s the Govt.” and of course if there is some problem the govt. may have try to prevent it although its relatively new law.
But people should always know that their rights are in their own hands no need for Govt. When you are in cyberspace you can always use this for positive reason and never disclose your private information otherwise you will be vulnerable to society. So, now what positive things you can do with social media? You can help poor people for their betterment by telling others to help. And someone is doing something bad show them to social media and raise awareness about the bad things. So, raise your voice via cyberspace and handle your own human rights.

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