Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017)

Well I was feeling like a 10 year old kid, I mean I always have weakness for animation movies and so the weakness finds this movie 😛 and actually it was a good movie like pure comedy. I am sure you will laugh at these two stupid kids even if you are not a fan of animation movies, you will feel stupid but you will have fun and I know people act like animation movies are for kids but for me these movies are keys to my tension less time. George and Harold are so funny and so stupid and also prank-star which is so cool 😀 and they make the principal “CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS” by hypnotizing, I mean I want that. And there’s Professor “Poopypants” who want to remove laugh from people so that nobody can laugh on his name “Poopy-pants”, I mean seriously 😛 LOL, I mean how can you not laugh.

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