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Logan Lucky (2017)

First of all its Channing Tatum’s movie 😀 and also there’s Daniel Craig.
Now about movie, Its so clean cut like so smooth and It’s crime movie…So I think it deserve 9.1/10. The plot is so simple- Two brothers planned for robing a bank at a racing competition place since they have money problem, I mean even the trailer so not good and I thought its just a another movie of robing a bank and the truth is I only wanted to see the movie because its Channing Tatum. I mean I really didn’t expect there could be any more secret after they rob a bank, I mean why someone just rob a bank and return it, I mean what the hell! I guess the Logan just got Lucky since they are always cursed 😛 I gotta say time well spent by seeing this movie.



(。◕‿◕。) Soul full of sunshine (˘◡˘)

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