The House (2017)

Well… Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are in the same movie. So definitely this has gotta be the best comedy. I mean Will is boss of comedy and the sister movie actress Amy so which is fun for sure. And yes I was right this actually is good comedy movie but the story is kind of weak because this movie kind of remind me of Jim Carrey’s movie “Fun with Dick and Jane”. Otherwise it was kind of fun to watch, I mean you won’t get bored which is important for comedy movie.
The House 2017

Movie plot: Scott and Kate have a daughter and the three are in very happy family leading a happy life. The daughter get chance in the best college but they don’t have that much money for the tuition so they thought they will get the scholarship’s money from society but they reject which make them crazy and hopeless so team up with their friend frank to open up a casino 🤣 So when they start their casino they got bad-ass parents 😝 but they got the money for tuition somehow. So that’s it that’s the whole story.

I actually enjoyed the movie and even laugh at some act though it’s kind of a silly movie. But I guess this movie is 5/10 ✌️ so not bad.


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