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Still Love Singing ðŸŽ¶

I love singing and sometimes I think I still can be a great singer one day. But life isn’t gonna go anywhere if you are having living in your dream world because you are adult now that’s the learning we all learn from our childhood I guess. I remember when I was really little I said I wanna learn singing and I love singing more than School homework and exams, so the society decided that this is wrong for because singing is not important and education is the most important thing in the life and if I am gonna learn singing; one day I will be ended up being a bad girl, yeah that part I still don’t get 🙄 So yeah I stop saying that and day by day I got a fear of not singing because I thought my voice is not good enough for singing that’s why everybody stops me but I love singing and sometimes I wanted to sing in front of someone but I think people think I am not good enough for singing. But yeah recently I was thinking about how society always have been to me! So I record my voice and I think this is good enough for me and I posted it (Dil Amar Kichu Bojhe Na Cover by Samira Mohana) to my channel 🤩 well fyi my voice is really that bad and annoying too 😏 and also there’s two more (1. Tumi Jake Valobasho Cover By Samira Mohana and 2. Icchegulo Cover By Samira Mohana) but I am not afraid anymore.
Oh and the last thing…I was absent for a long time in here because I’ve been kind of busy with my new job 😍 yeah I am a Software Engineer now 😊 and I will try to be regular from now on. Thank you for being with me.

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