Marshall – Best Biography Movie of 2017

I was seeing this movie and thinking why didn’t I see any review about this great movie 🤔 I mean if you have seen this movie you are bound to give a review and let people know how good this movie is and inspire them to see this movie; I am saying inspire..because this is actually a very good inspirational movie and everybody should see this.
2z9oNW3TE5H5woLozFwfxlRRc0bHow I got to know about this movie? well I was waiting to see “Black Panther” and seeing trailer and thought I wanted to know about “Chadwick Boseman” so I search about him and this movie shows up and I was really amazed to see the rating 😃 7.2/10, so I immediately downloaded this movie and started to see and after seeing this movie I just got speechless to saw the acting of Chadwick Boseman. I mean he is an actor who knows where to how and he is quite new in the film industry. I think he is ranking top on my favorite actor list 🤩.
Giving so much oil 😛 you may wonder what is this film about why is it so good?
Well first of all you should see then you will know why I am talking like this…

The Plot: This is a movie about Thurgood Marshall (1940), a NAACP lawyer who’s been fighting for colored man in the country and one day he was sent to Bridgeport, Connecticut to defend a colored man (Joseph Spell) who’s been accused to rape by his white employer (Eleanor Strubing) and also this can be a good news, that’s why Sam Friedman’s brother assigned him to this case but he is just a insurance lawyer. So when Marshall and Sam goes to court and in the hearing the judge Foster forbids Marshall to speak and force Sam to lead counsel.
The film shows many aspiring moments like friendship between a colored man and white man which is forbidden in that time and guidance, leadership, the truth, the lies and many more things…
Hope you enjoy…!!!


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