Doob: No Bed of Roses – 2017


A Bangladeshi movie about the life of a writer-filmmaker.
This is really a great movie of Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. I loved this movie actually because the actors are in their best I guess and so flawless, as if like happening in next house 😲 like so convincing and the words are so true…
The Plot: Javed (a writer-filmmaker) and Maya are the husband and wife and saberi and ahir are their daughter and and son. So they goes on a trip and one day Javed and Maya was walking in the jungle roads and Jaaved was memorizing their marriage event, how they ran away together and Maya’s father was trying to put Javed in jail and how their love convince all of them. But as Javed is such a famous person he always gets some scandal about him and Maya is always upset and disputing all the time so Javed always thinks that the marriage is failing but their daughter saberi always trying to find a solution about her parents and that all knows her best friend nitu who is also a heroin of Javed’s movies. So Nitu feels care about him (or just a competition to get closer to a famous person who she always wanted as her father) and obviouly when He is alone Nitu got close and he divorce his wife along with his two children and marries Nitu who is his daughter’s best friend so he was detached from his children but the bonding of daughter and son with father can’t be broken and forgotten when the daughter always thinks her father a superhero and the son who worship his father like god, he literally just broken them from inside and they weren’t so brave at first but then again saberi becomes the strong person in the family and for that reason her mother could be brave and gotten independent. All People was blaming Nitu for Javed’s failure of marriage but the truth is Javed really loved Nitu and also loved Maya and he also respects them both. But What is most hurting is Javed was always trying to reconnect with his daughter till his death and he even told his son to tell everyone that his father is bad so that he can go to school. Movie ended with the death of Javed and being Maya happy because she can now think of him anytime because he is now not in someone else’s property and Saberi’s forgiveness for his father whom she loved so much but couldn’t talk for the reasons…
Well I know I give the whole story but you can’t get any taste which is really important for this movie.
And yes this is a biopic of Sir Humayan Ahmed in a way and obviously this is a good biopic and Yes I appreciate Farooki Sir for making this movie and no this is not a movie about divorce or Stranger because this is a movie about a person’s pride, arrogance, self-conceit, windiness etc and always searching for endearmen, attachment, prone etc. And this is a movie where you can see about what is happening between a father and her daughter when she knows that she has to live with her father’s shame in her whole life and how father being always hurting because he hurts his little girl… Hope you like it.


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