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Annihilation 2018

Annihilation - Team in front of the ShimmerI think there’s a lot going on this movie like you will feel that it’s sci-fi but it got a lot of horror stuffs or some dramatic adventure…
But the movie’s got some quality obviously and also powerful visual story to realize like it gets under you skin 😶. It feels like you have to think to understand the confusion while at the same time you are having fun.
The Plot: At the opening scene, there’s a meteor hits a lighthouse and the next scene some guys wearing protective suits are questioning a women about what happened!!!
Then the movies goes back where there is a women named Leena(Natalie Portman) who is a biologist, trying to overcome the grief of his missing husband Kane who went to covert mission and has been missing for almost 1 year.
Leena was about to giving up the grief but that moment she saw that Kane is back and soon she realize that something’s very wrong about Kane when he start to spitting blood.
So she goes for searching what happened to her husband?
She finds the place which is researching on lighthouse which is hit by the meteor and that’s causing the area building a wall called the Shimmer around the lighthouse which is expanding the area day by day and her husband was there.
So she asks to go into the Shimmer and she start her journey with Dr. Ventress, Anya, Josie, Cass to know that what is going on inside the Shimmer but they can’t contact with anyone while they are there.
After going inside they saw that previous team went insane and they record some video which was more insane.
They are gradually going more deeper inside the Shimmer and they encounter some very mysterious thing and finds out that everything is mutating inside the Shimmer.
About mutation inside the Shimmer
Well may be you are now thinking that this is some kind of spoiler alert then you are very much wrong I am telling you because without seeing you can’t understand the confusion of this movie. In every step there’s always something larking. The movies keeps its suspense until the very last moment.


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Hair Color @Home

First of all my opinion is “Hair color gone wrong 😅”

So what I did to do color my hair @home :
I used shampoo 1 day before coloring my hair but no conditioner.
Step 1 :
Buy color and bleach.
I bought 1 pack G & W 6.5 Medium Mahogany color and 2 packs Fem Saffron bleach (which is used for face so I thought if it’s good for face skin then it’s okay to use it on hair 😋).

Step 2 :
I applied bleach first(used whole 2 packs and mixed everything) but I guess mostly in the front part of my head because I couldn’t understand what was I doing in the back part but I actually wanted my end hair has the most color 😶 then I tied my hair in two section.
So after 1 hour I wash my hair and then dry my hair completely without using hair dryer because that would cause bad effect on hair.

Step 3 :
After my hair was dried completely I mixed all which was in the pack and started to applying the color from the root, that means from the front which was already very much got colored from the bleach and gradually I applied all the color in all of my hair and I was using my hand and I had a pair of plastic gloves on which was in the color packet.
So after finished applying the color I tied my hair in a bun and put on my shower cap and was about to wait for 30 minutes.
But after 10 minutes I was feeling like my back part of the head on fire 🤐 so I immediately removed my cap and touched my hair and it was like burned on fire 🤯 and I have no idea why was it like that 😵.
So after removing my cap I was in untied hair.
And after 30 minutes I washed my hair completely and applied conditioner and literally A lot 🤨 cause my hair kind of felt like brush 😞.
Then I dried my hair without hair dryer because you shouldn’t use hair dryer for 48-72 hours if you color your hair.

The result :
I thought the color is kind of violet or light reddish 😤 and my black hair will shine on the sunny day 🤩 and my end part of the hair would look colorful 😩.
But what happened is 😡 the front part of my head ate all the color, the back part still look black and the color is not violet not even red; It’s dark golden 😲 and when there is sun reflects upon my hair it looks like someone put fire on my hair 😝 but I kind of like this hackneyed effect 🤪

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The Son of Bigfoot – 2017

I personally think this is a good animation movie because you can just laugh at the silliness or enjoy the fantasy and mostly I think I was feeling like a teenager myself 😁 that’s why I enjoy the movie.
The Son of Bigfoot
The Plot: A teenager Adam sets out a conquest to find his long-lost dad who he knows dead because his mom told him but one day he finds a box full of letters from his dad to his mom. So the journey begins only to find out that his dad is Bigfoot. But he is actually happy to find his dad so now he don’t have to spend his life without his dad and he can fight his teasing life but little did he knew that why his dad is hiding all this time in the jungle? later he finds out why his dad is hiding and his mother is now in danger and why’s all that? Because hairco. company (his dad used to work) wants to have hair 😛 and so they need Bigfoot’s gene so they captured him and then you can see how Adam rescued his Dad and Mom with the help of his animal friend…
Fun movie 👍 And actually I’ve already seen it twice.

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Fracture 2007

Anthony Hopkins is amazing as always and there’s Ryan Gosling 😋.
Well watching the movie was like seeing Tom n Jerry Playing 😜 Anthony Hopkins is so suited for this role I mean he is always perfect for this type of character like cold killer 🤡 I mean how he perfectly murder his wife and he called this as a beautiful murder and his talking like he is actually like this kind of person, so…good.
Anthony Hopkins
Hey, did you know Anthony Hopkins acted as Odin in Thor movies 🤯 I mean how cool is that , I mean literally how he pull that look so smoothly I’ve never guessed 😳 but I think you knew right? and this movie gives me lot of thinking about how good actor is Anthony Hopkins and also how Ryan Gosling put everything together in last minute.
The Plot: Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins), a wealthy and brilliant aeronautical engineer in Los Angeles, finds out the affair of his wife, Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz) and Robert Nunally (Billy Burke), the police detective. And he make the perfect murder plan and shot his wife after confronting him about the affair and after shot the police came along with nunally and when he recognize the victim he starts to assault ted and wanted him to be in jail. So Ted is waiting for his trial and he sees Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) who come to shut the case but that’s when Ted realize that he can play with Willy and Willy goes into deep hole with this case because Ted becomes his own attorney he has no knowledge of law but he somehow proves himself innocent because there’s no gun and Willy becomes restless about Ted.
Ryan Gosling
And I think I am giving too much info 😜

Movie has got many best parts like:
1. At the moment when Ted figures everything about the case and goes to Ted’s house and how Ted say that the murder is so beautiful…
2. When Ted selects Willy as his district attorney and he offers him as his attorney because he knew he was gonna win.
Good movie.👍