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The Son of Bigfoot – 2017

I personally think this is a good animation movie because you can just laugh at the silliness or enjoy the fantasy and mostly I think I was feeling like a teenager myself 😁 that’s why I enjoy the movie.
The Son of Bigfoot
The Plot: A teenager Adam sets out a conquest to find his long-lost dad who he knows dead because his mom told him but one day he finds a box full of letters from his dad to his mom. So the journey begins only to find out that his dad is Bigfoot. But he is actually happy to find his dad so now he don’t have to spend his life without his dad and he can fight his teasing life but little did he knew that why his dad is hiding all this time in the jungle? later he finds out why his dad is hiding and his mother is now in danger and why’s all that? Because hairco. company (his dad used to work) wants to have hair 😛 and so they need Bigfoot’s gene so they captured him and then you can see how Adam rescued his Dad and Mom with the help of his animal friend…
Fun movie 👍 And actually I’ve already seen it twice.


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