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Truth or Dare (2018)

The film was trying to be spooky I guess but the trying goes in vain and also my time goes in vain too. I knew the movie is gonna be bad because imdb rating is 4.7 which is pretty bad and I don’t usually watch movie which is under rating 6 but of course I watched it or else I couldn’t write the review.
I know now you start to realize may be it’s a bad movie actually and you are thinking it right. Why is it so bad? Only one answer is: the movie uses a snapchat filter to make a horror effect, I mean seriously LOL. And also the plot is kind of known like you know everything before you are even at middle of the movie.
Truth or Dare 2018
The Plot: A group of friends (Olivia, Lucas, Markie, Ronnie, Giselle) goes on vacation to mexico and there Olivia met a guy in a bar named Carter, he offers them to play Truth or Dare.
And once they are are started in turn Carter had to tell the truth and he said that he had to pass the game on to someone because the game is real. So when they get angry at Carter they stops the game goes back on to their lives. But the game continues with their lives, they have to say the truth or do the dare when someone asks them to with his/her snapchat filter type smile which supposed to scare people…
So for this game rules are pretty much same like if two person take the truth consecutively then next person has to do the dare and the additional part is if you reject to do your part then you die doing that crappy smile.
Whatever you do you die for sure.
Don’t laugh at their dying 🤣🤣🤣 LMHO.



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