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Status Update 2018

The movie is totally for all of these days teenager who are always on their phone and wish for a magical app to have a fantasy life...And the good thing about this movie is anybody of any age can see this movie and enjoy thoroughly. The Plot: Kyle is a teenager who just shift in… Continue reading Status Update 2018

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Love comes with expectations and I think everyone should remember that always because the more you love, the more that expectation grows so we should all think before act as a love-bird. And when the expectation dies, love dies too because there's nothing left to say then. Be careful of true love...

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Today’s Lesson – 05/08/2018

Lesson 1: Friendship is such a thing which you can't learn at school, But if you don't know the meaning of friendship then you know nothing. --- Muhammad Ali (American professional boxer) Lesson 2: A good book is like 100 friend, But a good friend is like a whole library. --- A. P. J. Abdul… Continue reading Today’s Lesson – 05/08/2018