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Today’s Lesson – 24/06/2019

Lesson 1:
If you want any work to done well, do it yourself.

Lesson 2:
If you really want to do something in reality, you will find some way but if you really don’t want to do anything then you will definitely find some excuses.

Lesson 3:
Do not worry about the failure because you just have to be right for one time.

Lesson 4:
As you’ve done, the same result will be waiting for you.

Lesson 5:
The fear is not always a permanent fertile medicine, but there is a temporary relief.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson – 24/06/2019

    1. My perspective is very simple, you can get some comfort zone with the fear but that doesn’t define you & you have to come out from your comfort zone and let yourself grow. 😊 So, what do you think?


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