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Deep Thoughts That Will Make You Think

Suddenly I had a thought that if I punch myself, does that mean I’m strong or I’m weak?Β πŸ₯΄Β So here are some more deep thoughts that will make you think…

1. There’s only one sunset, and it’s been going around the earth for billions of years.

2. Nothing is on fire, fire is on things.

3. An onion forces you to cry over it’s dead body.

4. The internet both almost killed off the postal service with email and then made it more needed than ever with online delivery.

5. A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you..

6. You think you’re unique until you have to choose a username.

7. Fishing would be a lot less popular if fish could scream.

8. ‘Coffee flavored water’ doesn’t sound good but that’s what coffee is.

9. Technically almost every mirror you buy at a store is in used condition.

10. Your future self is talking shit about you.


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