Welcome to my Chronicle!!

Hello, I am so glad you are visiting My Blog.

I am Samira Alam Mohana from the evergreen country Bangladesh.
Born in 17th March, Pisces girl.
Currently living at Dhaka the capital city.
Studied Computer Science and Engineering from East West University.
And now I am a software engineer.
I started this blog because I want to share my personal thought. I love books, cartoon, programming, movies, drama, sleeping, walking & my everyday life. So I thought why not share about what do I do everyday or what type of programming I do or what book I read or what movie I just saw and what I think of them if its good or bad so that I can make some suggestion or what’s my perspective towards life.
Well now some boring stuff about myself

At childhood I was kidding about being an Engineer I never thought that could be true. For some years I hated Being Engineering student because it was my parents idea to admitted on Computer Engineering but I don’t know how I liked one of my course which is about Web Development and I was amazed by the idea of being an web developer so only then I really liked being Computer Engineer student because I can be web developer in no time because I have my own laptop.
So, I started to do the coding well not the actual coding at first. I started with HTML CSS Bootstrap then I saw JavaScript and PHP and I thought I could never do the coding so I couldn’t do that so I crashed inside. But then later I got accepted to a govt. course about PHP and I see how the world is moving by the web developer and I was really amazed about me doing coding fluently. So now I LOVE web development. And Later, from January, 2018 when I got the job and I get the opportunity to learn Java; literally I got excited because I always wanted to do the coding with Java which will make me cool because the world is now standing on the platform of Java. So, Now I think I have some knowledge about

PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, WordPress, Java, Spring Boot, Ajax

but I am not saying I know them from A to Z but I can work with them and I am learning everyday (That’s my moto actually). Sometimes I get scared about my knowledge what if I failed because sometimes people criticize me about my knowledge but then I think whatever..Who cares!!! let them say what they are saying my time will come one day.

Some fun facts about me
  • Love to read books but definitely with black coffee.
  • Watch too many movies so you can call me movie freak.
  • Wish to see the whole world-won’t miss single country or states!
  • Dieting is not just my thing, I even eat in my dream.
  • Still think I am going to be a great singer one day.
  • Love sleeping so much like it’s almost my hobby.
  • My one true love is PIZZA. And can never give-up on chocolates.
  • Love to listen my repeated songs over & over again.
  • I learned English by watching a lot of English movies & I’m actually good at English now.
  • And if my hair feels fine then I know for sure that day is gonna be fabulous.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to my Chronicle!!

  1. Great stuff! I look forward to reading more. I’m new on wordpress, but like you, I also love books and movies. My dream is to become an author one day. I’m also of asian origin, like you. (Born in the UK and lived here all my life, but ethnically Pakistani)

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