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Tranquility 😌

Collection of Book Fair 2019 @Dhaka,Bangladesh

List of Books:
1. One lac like – Anisul Hoque (এক লক্ষ লাইক -আনিসুল হক)
2. Rabindranath never came here – Mohammad Nazim Uddin (রবীন্দ্রনাথ এখানে কখনো আসেননি – মোহাম্মদ নাজিম উদ্দিন)
3. A pair of eyes in search of a pair of eyes – Zahid Hosen (একজোড়া চোখ খোঁজে আরেকজোড়া চোখকে – জাহিদ হোসেন)
4. Cows – Ahmed Sofa (গাভী বিত্তান্ত – আহমদ ছফা)
5. I’ll shoot you after drinking milk tea – Zahid Hosen (দুধ চা খেয়ে তোকে গুলি করে দিবো – জাহিদ হোসেন)
6. Rabindranath never came here to eat – Mohammad Nazim Uddin (রবীন্দ্রনাথ এখানে কখনো খেতে আসেননি – মোহাম্মদ নাজিম উদ্দিন)
7. Mystery of the killer house – Arun Kumar Biswas (হানাবাড়ি খুনরহস্য – অরুণ কুমার বিশ্বাস)

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Fascination 🤩

1. Books
2. Books
3. My own library full of books
4. A comfy sofa to read books
5. Books
6. Money for books
7. Stacks of books
8. Books
9. Time to read books
10. Coffee to drink while reading books
11. Books
12. Book-Marks
13. Shelves for books
14. Books &
15. Books
It’s like I wanna swim through the books ocean 🤗

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The smell of the new books…

BooksI am missing the smell of the new book for quite some days (may be months 😟 or years) and its actually frustrating for me because I so much love books and I am literally hungry for some new books… I know what people would after hearing this and they would just say, go buy books then right? I know that solution and I want to apply this solution but I don’t know how always some problems came up 😑 so there can be one more solution I can just order some books or request someone to get me the book but actually I want to roam the whole book market myself and search for my book but I couldn’t make that possible like for that I need some help 🤐 sometimes I wish someone just kidnap me and left me at the library where I can find all of the books in the whole world 😍 now you may think isn’t there any of the book that is unfinished at my home? Yes actually there’s two more books which I didn’t finish (I got stuck at the middle 😬) and I just stop reading and don’t want to start and I think there’s some reason for that and they are:
1. They are not new now.
2. They are both in English and I really want a book (badly) which is in my language (Bangla).
3. I want my favorite writer’s new book which is impossible 😭 because Humayun Ahmed died at 2012 and I finished all of his books at 2015 and I think part of me just shut down about books because since then I got irregular about books but after some months actually I recovered that and I really got hitched with the different kinds of books like detective, thriller, crime, horror and most of them are in translation 😁 then I thought nope I need original then I bought some of the English books… But when I was at my fourth year at the university then I was always busy with the varsity then the exams and for some years I was getting addicted to movies and I lost interest on books I guess! and I couldn’t get the time for saying that I need to buy some books 😷 and now I need books in my life and I wanna start with Humayun Ahmed’s magic which can’t happen and I am upset.
But I know how I can cheer myself actually 😊 I want to start reading Tin goyeda series and translation of thriller and crime and detective books 😃.
When I was at school and college, I remember I couldn’t do anything at all if I hadn’t read any book in a day and book was my fuel. I remember one day my English teacher caught me with a story book in the class and he took that book 😛 because story book is strictly prohibited in his class and still I brought that. I was a total book worm back then 🤪 and I was really proud of that. I wanna be proud again.


Ghor by Mohit Kamal

I just started reading this book 2 days ago but I stopped. Its not that I don’t like book I just hate family drama and the book is about this. And why I hate family drama in the book; because you’ve always got the happy ending with some sad romantic twist. Argh how much I hate this fake romanticism. No I am not suggesting this is a bad book I think you may like this book.