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Tranquility 😌

Collection of Book Fair 2019 @Dhaka,Bangladesh List of Books: 1. One lac like - Anisul Hoque (এক লক্ষ লাইক -আনিসুল হক) 2. Rabindranath never came here - Mohammad Nazim Uddin (রবীন্দ্রনাথ এখানে কখনো আসেননি - মোহাম্মদ নাজিম উদ্দিন) 3. A pair of eyes in search of a pair of eyes - Zahid Hosen (একজোড়া চোখ… Continue reading Tranquility 😌

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Fascination 🤩

1. Books 2. Books 3. My own library full of books 4. A comfy sofa to read books 5. Books 6. Money for books 7. Stacks of books 8. Books 9. Time to read books 10. Coffee to drink while reading books 11. Books 12. Book-Marks 13. Shelves for books 14. Books & 15. Books… Continue reading Fascination 🤩

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The smell of the new books…

I am missing the smell of the new book for quite some days (may be months 😟 or years) and its actually frustrating for me because I so much love books and I am literally hungry for some new books... I know what people would after hearing this and they would just say, go buy… Continue reading The smell of the new books…