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Waiting for season 2: Dark-German thriller series (2017-)

Somewhat confused but fully happy after finishing the season 1.
Dark: Season-1
If you love thriller this great series brought to you by Netflix 😜 you will enjoy it if you love thriller or not cause it’s so confusing, this got you thinking constantly and you will enjoy every bit of it’s thrill and you can’t even say you don’t like it because at the end you will be thinking so…what’s next!🤔
This series is really really confusing, maybe you will need a pen and a paper to note down that who is actually who 😛 too many people under same name but in different age so you can get dizzy in somewhere.

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Best drama so far I’ve seen and why’s that because I am a die hard fan of Sherlock Holmes may be that’s why.
We all know who Sherlock Holmes is, right? A “consulting detective” who is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic.

Actually I was hoping this will have another season and I get see Sherlock’s charm again but no new season is gonna come 😢 Why can’t this drama go on forever right? I mean there’s always some problem’s which have to solve by Sherlock…right?

I mean the movie would’ve been great too but no movies on Sherlock Holmes either.

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My Roanoke Nightmare – American Horror Story – Season 6

OK finished in just two days. I think too much overacting just killed the vibe of American Horror Story, I mean it was not bad until episode 5 but from episode 6 the actors became too much aggressive like they were just paid to get scared. Or may be it was because it became kind of saw movie which is gross, well i don’t know I like this show but I am not impressed by this season like the others.

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Happily Finished Watching…

So I was checking the server for stranger things season 2 yesterday like everyday and I saw it had been uploaded so I downloaded all 9 episode ASAP and started to see at 7:30 pm and without break I finished that around 2:45 am so I am pretty sure you get the idea 😀 season 2 is more thrilling than season 1 and I couldn’t stop watching until the end and like season 1 end scene doesn’t end actually Argh that’s what I most hate about drama now I have to wait for the next season. Well I was wrong about something I thought they are gonna be the original Ghostbuster 1984 movie’s little version but I forgot that the plot time started at November 1983 and season 2 plot time is October 1984 and the original Ghostbuster movie was released June 1984, these kids were just having their Halloween. Lastly I can only say now I am more mad about the season 3.


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Stranger Things Season 2

I can not wait to see the season 2. Argh I am losing my patience, the Trailer is so good full of thrilling experience and I strongly believe they are going to refer this drama to 1984 Bill Murray’s movie Ghostbusters!!! If you have no idea what I am talking about you should see the Stranger Things Season 1 and you should know its Netflix drama. One can say that I am still a child but what can I say I still see the cartoon so I guess U get the idea.