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Wish Upon – 2017

My only favorite part of this movie is Ryan Phillippe 😛 other than him being in the movie was not very much good actually…
Ryan Phillippe and Joey KingThe Plot: The movie is about a teenage girl who always wants to be popular at school and want the best boy of the school to love her and want her father to be the billionaire and of course want the perfect family, the perfect life.
So, one day her father finds a box and gift her that and suddenly she realize that its a wish box and her wishes come true but she can only use it for 7 times and she have to pay blood for every wish…Yeah that’s the end of the story of this movie 🙄
I know I said it’s not very much good because of it’s predictability of every next act but may be you will like the movie if you are very much into fantasy stuff which I am too…

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Annihilation 2018

Annihilation - Team in front of the ShimmerI think there’s a lot going on this movie like you will feel that it’s sci-fi but it got a lot of horror stuffs or some dramatic adventure…
But the movie’s got some quality obviously and also powerful visual story to realize like it gets under you skin 😶. It feels like you have to think to understand the confusion while at the same time you are having fun.
The Plot: At the opening scene, there’s a meteor hits a lighthouse and the next scene some guys wearing protective suits are questioning a women about what happened!!!
Then the movies goes back where there is a women named Leena(Natalie Portman) who is a biologist, trying to overcome the grief of his missing husband Kane who went to covert mission and has been missing for almost 1 year.
Leena was about to giving up the grief but that moment she saw that Kane is back and soon she realize that something’s very wrong about Kane when he start to spitting blood.
So she goes for searching what happened to her husband?
She finds the place which is researching on lighthouse which is hit by the meteor and that’s causing the area building a wall called the Shimmer around the lighthouse which is expanding the area day by day and her husband was there.
So she asks to go into the Shimmer and she start her journey with Dr. Ventress, Anya, Josie, Cass to know that what is going on inside the Shimmer but they can’t contact with anyone while they are there.
After going inside they saw that previous team went insane and they record some video which was more insane.
They are gradually going more deeper inside the Shimmer and they encounter some very mysterious thing and finds out that everything is mutating inside the Shimmer.
About mutation inside the Shimmer
Well may be you are now thinking that this is some kind of spoiler alert then you are very much wrong I am telling you because without seeing you can’t understand the confusion of this movie. In every step there’s always something larking. The movies keeps its suspense until the very last moment.


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Fracture 2007

Anthony Hopkins is amazing as always and there’s Ryan Gosling 😋.
Well watching the movie was like seeing Tom n Jerry Playing 😜 Anthony Hopkins is so suited for this role I mean he is always perfect for this type of character like cold killer 🤡 I mean how he perfectly murder his wife and he called this as a beautiful murder and his talking like he is actually like this kind of person, so…good.
Anthony Hopkins
Hey, did you know Anthony Hopkins acted as Odin in Thor movies 🤯 I mean how cool is that , I mean literally how he pull that look so smoothly I’ve never guessed 😳 but I think you knew right? and this movie gives me lot of thinking about how good actor is Anthony Hopkins and also how Ryan Gosling put everything together in last minute.
The Plot: Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins), a wealthy and brilliant aeronautical engineer in Los Angeles, finds out the affair of his wife, Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz) and Robert Nunally (Billy Burke), the police detective. And he make the perfect murder plan and shot his wife after confronting him about the affair and after shot the police came along with nunally and when he recognize the victim he starts to assault ted and wanted him to be in jail. So Ted is waiting for his trial and he sees Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) who come to shut the case but that’s when Ted realize that he can play with Willy and Willy goes into deep hole with this case because Ted becomes his own attorney he has no knowledge of law but he somehow proves himself innocent because there’s no gun and Willy becomes restless about Ted.
Ryan Gosling
And I think I am giving too much info 😜

Movie has got many best parts like:
1. At the moment when Ted figures everything about the case and goes to Ted’s house and how Ted say that the murder is so beautiful…
2. When Ted selects Willy as his district attorney and he offers him as his attorney because he knew he was gonna win.
Good movie.👍

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Best drama so far I’ve seen and why’s that because I am a die hard fan of Sherlock Holmes may be that’s why.
We all know who Sherlock Holmes is, right? A “consulting detective” who is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic.

Actually I was hoping this will have another season and I get see Sherlock’s charm again but no new season is gonna come 😢 Why can’t this drama go on forever right? I mean there’s always some problem’s which have to solve by Sherlock…right?

I mean the movie would’ve been great too but no movies on Sherlock Holmes either.

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Padmaavat (2018)


This movie can sure give you the chills and specially when you see the last part 😨 Yes this is the best hindi movie of 2018 by far I think. Why do I think that? you will know when you see this I mean it’s just awesome and so mind blowing. I think The actors becomes something else in here 😯 you will feel like you are moving into the film. Because I am a big fan of good print which is of course 720p/1080p Bluray 😛 so I was late to see this movie.
The Plot: The story is about queen Padmaavati, the second wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh, the noble king of mewar. They were happily married and living prosperous life until Sultan Alauddin Khilji becomes obsessed with her beauty and wanting her to his own and the war begins.
Padmaavati and Ratan Singh
Deepika Padukone as Padmaavati is so dazzling and luminous whose effulgent beauty drift the entire plot when Alauddin Khilji becomes sullen about her. I mean how she passed every exam that she has to give and she is also so tender and loving towards her husband Ratan Singh.
Alauddin Khilji
I heard that this is Ranveer Singh’s memorable acting in his acting career so this sure got me interested because I love Ranveer Singh 😋 and I realize why people were saying that… He is so powerful and so strong and that scared face which give him the best look and his eyes are sparkling in every move like you will become hypnotize by his eyes and the cruelty in his eyes and every word how he says like no one can ever defeat him ever…😵

And I also realize what is lack of the acting of Shahid Kapoor is that his face was kind of stiff and rigid but also at the last moment when he got attacked by crossbows, then I saw some sparkle.

And there’s also Mehrunissa, the wife of Alauddin whose acting was also good with her charming looks and her velvety soft behavior and the love towards her husband although she knows his true womanizing nature and he killed her father.

Some of my favorite moments are:
1.  The last part is the best moment obviously, when Padmaavati understands that mewar lost the war she announced in front of every women in mewar that they are going to save their virtue and sacrifice themselves into the fire and that would be the great lost for the war of Alauddin and they did-all of the women and girls goes to the fire 😰 which was leading by Padmaavati.
 2. When Alauddin got Malik Kafur as his gift from Jalaluddin Khilji (his father-in law), Alauddin asked him what he can do for him and he said everything so Alauddin told him to kill two guards of Jalaluddin and he actually killed them and then the clap of Alauddin for him was so cruel like he was truly an animal who is finding fresh flesh 😱
This was a great movie indeed.

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Landline (2017)

Landline 2017

I just finished this movie. This 2017 movie is a comedy and drama movie and Imdb rating is 6.4/10. The plot is: In 1995 the Jacobs family is a tight-knit Italian-Jewish family. Parents Pat and Alan have a marriage that seems to be struggling because of Pat’s disinterest in her husband. Eldest daughter Dana is in a long-term relationship with her fiancé Ben that has hit a rut. Youngest child Ali is still in high school and more interested in going to raves and getting high than applying to colleges.
Returning from a rave one night and trying to do her homework Ali unlocks a file containing her father’s love-notes to a mysterious woman named “C”.
I like this movie and you will too, its worthwhile.

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Movie I saw yesterday

Yesterday evening I saw this beautiful movie named Okja (2017). First I was not sure if I am going to see this movie or another then I remember its called the best Netflix movie so far. So after seeing this movie I am too feeling that this is actually very good movie and I love it so much. And you should also see this as soon as you can and I promise you will not regret.