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My New Song🤪

I always love to sing, so what I don't have good voice I don't care and I posted it (Boba Tunnel) 😛 So Brave...Me

Life, Song

Still Love Singing 🎶

I love singing and sometimes I think I still can be a great singer one day. But life isn't gonna go anywhere if you are having living in your dream world because you are adult now that's the learning we all learn from our childhood I guess. I remember when I was really little I… Continue reading Still Love Singing 🎶


Tumi Amay Eto Valobasho By Imran Oyshee – Lyrics

Tumi amay eto valobasho se kotha age to bujini || Tumi amr kase keno asho ami tar mane to khuji ni Mone rekhe mon jani na je kokhon tomari preme porechi ooo Golper moto kore sopner hat dhore ekla moner ghore eshecho chupi share Sarata jibon ami tomakey valo beshe jabo Tumi amay eto valobasho… Continue reading Tumi Amay Eto Valobasho By Imran Oyshee – Lyrics