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Mother! (2017) – The most confusing movie of 2017

After seeing the trailer I thought maybe its just a normal mystery type horror movie but I was totally wrong, It’s not only Mystery-not only Horror-It’s a combination of Mystery-Drama-Psychological Horror-Thriller and there’s no chance you can get out of confusion of this movie. I mean literally first to last, every scene is going to make you confused and the truth is I was wanting to fast-forwarding the movie to see what happens next but I couldn’t do that I was thinking what if some truth reveals now so I had to see the whole movie and to find that I am more confused. Why and How everything started or why the ending is like the beginning, so confusing. I have so many questions I mean its like a never ending movie! How the husband and wife met, how everything is so unknown. what wife feels through the walls and why she never wonder what is happening in the outside world. What did the husband write that makes the world’s people crazy about him. Why there’s no past or future and there’s only present. And what thing is that husband and what is that thing that he got from the wife’s heart..!!