One thought on “Positive-quotes-about-strength-and-motivational-Your-Mind-Inspirational-quotes-about-positive

  1. The mind and the body are part of the same entity. Very often we assume that the actions of the mind are separate from the body, that whatever the mind does, it has no relation with the body and vice versa. However, there are countless examples where we can see the mind and the body working in harmony; when you manipulate the mind the body gets manipulated as well and when you manipulate the body, the mind gets manipulated accordingly. A smile can brighten up your day To give an example, consider the fact that whenever you are upset, perhaps over some personal or even professional issues, for whatever reason you are feeling low spirited, then its effect can be seen on the body as well. You lose your appetite, your face loses its brightness, some people even suffer from illnesses just because they are depressed! While on the other hand, when you are joyful, it is quite evident in your physiology. There is a spring in your step, there is a beautiful smile on your face, your digestive system performs perfectly and everything seems to be working perfectly with your body. This was an example of how the mind affects the body.


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