Horror · Mystery · Suspence

Short Creepy Stories

  1. A teenage girl was babysitting for a family when she kept receiving mysterious phone calls asking if she had checked on the children. When she finally called the parents, they told her to take the children and leave the house immediately because the calls were coming from inside the house.
  2. A man picked up a hitchhiker on a dark and stormy night, only to find out that the hitchhiker had died weeks ago and was a ghost.
  3. A woman bought an antique mirror at a garage sale, only to discover that it was haunted by the ghost of a girl who had died in front of it many years ago.
  4. A man was trapped in an elevator for hours, only to realize that the other person trapped with him was not human.
  5. A man found an old photograph in his attic and realized that the people in it were all long dead, except for one who looked exactly like him.
  6. A woman bought a doll for her daughter, but strange things started happening in the house and the doll seemed to be moving on its own.
  7. A group of friends rented a cabin in the woods for the weekend, but they soon realized that they were not alone and that something was stalking them.
  8. A child’s birthday party was ruined when a clown showed up and started behaving strangely, leading to a horrifying discovery about the clown’s true identity.
  9. A group of friends snuck onto an abandoned train, but the train started moving on its own and they soon realized that they were not alone.
  10. A family moved into a new house and discovered a hidden basement, but the basement was not empty and the family soon regretted opening the door.

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